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Protect your children and your assets.
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Seattle Divorce Attorney, Laurie G. Robertson

Established and reputable Seattle divorce and family law team.

Established and reputable Seattle divorce and family law team.Seattle divorce lawyer Laurie G. Robertson leads a respected and accomplished legal team who takes pride in providing exemplary service in the area of divorce and family law. We understand what you are going through and we are here to listen.

The expertise of a Seattle attorney uniquely versed in this area of law can make the difference in moving smoothly through one of life’s most confusing and difficult periods and in meeting critical goals for the future.

With over 30 years of combined divorce and family law experience and by taking a team approach on every case, there is no Seattle and King County divorce or family law matter we cannot handle.

Our Seattle divorce attorneys always remember that the issues and problems you ask us to solve are among the most difficult and challenging you will ever face and choosing the right divorce attorney must result in the future prosperity and well-being of you and your family.

Whether you seek collaborative divorce services, asset protection as with large marital estates or you face complex division of property or child custody issues, our focus will be to bring your case the satisfactory and beneficial conclusion you desire.

Retain a Seattle divorce attorney with commitment.

No two families are alike. No two client’s circumstances are exactly alike. Our divorce lawyers in Seattle, WA possess the compassion, resources and commitment necessary to provide the options you need whether your case is an uncontested divorce or involves a high level of conflict requiring restraining orders or paternity actions.

We understand there are times to be firm and uncompromising as when domestic violence protection orders are required.We understand there are times to be firm and uncompromising as when domestic violence protection orders are required or when relocation of a child was accomplished without the agreement of both spouses. In these circumstances, we understand enforcing orders – contempt motions must be immediately pursued. We also understand that flexibility and compromise are key to a successful, amicable divorce. A client may wish to pursue mediation, and this option successfully negotiated can lead to a satisfying divorce outcome.

Washington State divorce laws and family law issues have evolved at a constant rate for a half decade as evidenced in 2007 by the establishment of domestic partnerships, including refined child custody, child support and adoption provisions. Third-party custody laws provide grandparents, other relatives, friends and neighbors to apply for full custody or adoption of a child in Washington.

Family law reform for increased father’s rights and advocacy continues to evolve nationwide. Western Washington hosts two military bases in close proximity to Seattle. Military divorce involves quite different issues than civilian divorces. We are familiar with military divorce law and can serve any military member, military spouse, retiree or dependent. Legal separation is now often used in place of divorce by members of religions that forbid it.

Annulment laws were established to protect individuals against invalid marriages and to provide a legal remedy in such circumstances. General guidelines only are provided in Washington statutes regarding spousal maintenance formerly known as alimony. To best serve you, our proven Seattle divorce lawyers keep up-to-date and current on all Washington State divorce and family law reform legislation.

Legal representation you can trust before marriage and after divorce.

Often a specific contractual agreement before marriage is a wise strategy to protect individual interests and property. Our experienced team of Seattle divorce lawyers and King County family law attorneys are here to assist you in reviewing, negotiating, drafting, even challenging an unfair prenuptial agreement. Likewise, we are capable of assisting our clients after divorce with modification of child support, modification of parenting plan or modification of spousal maintenance when substantial change of circumstances demands it.

Our insightful Seattle divorce lawyers and dedicated legal team are here to help you through this difficult time. We will work with you to identify your priorities and objectives in your divorce, and will be zealous advocates for your rights and interests.

Get the personal attention you deserve from a Seattle divorce lawyer from our team.

A divorce is one of the most traumatic and trying events a person can face in life. The divorce process is often an emotionally charged affair where uncertainly looms around every turn. If you are facing King County divorce proceedings then our Seattle divorce lawyers can help you through these difficult times.

A divorce affects everyone in your family.A divorce affects everyone in your family. When children are involved, it can be especially difficult to deal with the distress that goes hand-in-hand with divorce proceedings. Obviously, it’s important to minimize the stress associated with a King County divorce for your own benefit, and that of your children. By choosing one of our divorce lawyers in Seattle, WA, you ensure that the situation will be handled in a professional manner, alleviating the negative impacts.

There will undoubtedly be obstacles to overcome, and important decisions that will have to be made. Throughout every divorce there are unknowns that must be uncovered and resolved. Washington divorce laws change from year to year, so it’s important you have qualified Seattle divorce lawyers to help you overcome problems and assist you in making good decisions. With so much at stake, it’s important to choose wisely when choosing from the many divorce lawyers in Seattle, WA available to you.

They need to have the knowledge to help you understand divorce laws, and the experience to apply it during your proceedings. Our Seattle divorce attorneys believe that it’s vital to establish a rapport with their King County clients based on mutual respect and understanding. They will help you identify your goals, and strive to help you reach them.

No King County divorce is ever easy, and the outcome will affect the rest of your life. Our Seattle divorce attorneys successfully help hundreds of people every year, in cases involving King County divorce, family law, and child custody.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers will earn your trust.

In many marriages, a breach of trust ends up in divorce. Knowing who to trust is important in every aspect of life, whether it’s a family, friend or a business relationship. Trust is also paramount when selecting from a list of divorce lawyers in Seattle, WA.

King County divorce proceedings are often difficult because of the wide range of emotions people experience. Fear of the unknown, unresolved past anger, and issues involving children are just a few of the reasons people can let their emotions get the best of them during the divorce proceedings. Our experienced Seattle divorce lawyers understand what you’re going through and are here to help. Still, sometimes they might give you advice that you don’t like.

It’s important to remember that they are only working for your best interests. This is why trust between you and your King County divorce lawyer is so important. You have to understand that the law is based on emotional response. If you trust your Seattle attorney you will soon recognize that they are your personal advocate, and someone who will be there with you throughout one of the most difficult times of your life.

Whether your King County divorce can be settled through negotiations or in King County Court, we will do everything legally allowed to protect you, your Seattle family, and your assets. You will have the knowledge you need to make decisions based on facts and not emotion, and you will be able to act accordingly. Our Seattle divorce lawyers care about their clients, and take a personal interest in every divorce they handle. They will strive to build a healthy working relationship with you, so that your divorce case can be resolved through trust and teamwork. You deserve counsel and representation that is honest and aggressive, and our Seattle divorce lawyers will provide you with both.

Negotiating your Seattle Divorce.

Your demeanor throughout your divorce case is important. We encourage all of our Seattle clients to have an open mind and be willing to talk things out, even if events don’t seem like they are working in your favor. In most Seattle divorce proceedings, cooler heads prevail and while sometimes it is necessary to go charging into divorce court we seldom propose such a forceful course of action. In most cases, skillful negotiating based on sounds legal principle will provide a better end result.

If it turns out that we do have to go to court, our Seattle, WA divorce attorneys will vigorously fight for your rights.While we might try to avoid all-out warfare, sometimes it is necessary to gear up for a head-to-head showdown, much of which depends on your spouse. If it turns out that we do have to go to court, our Seattle divorce attorneys will vigorously fight for your rights. We will use every tool at our disposal to fight a resolute battle, and always with your best interests at heart.

Still, in most cases our Seattle family law divorce lawyers will recommend that you enter into the proceedings with an open mind, willing to talk out every detail. This is especially true when Seattle children are involved. Skillful litigation and artful negotiation will usually achieve the best results for most divorce proceedings. It also ensures that the stress and emotional toll is minimized on everyone involved.

You will get personal care from our Seattle divorce lawyers.

Getting the best possible outcome out of your divorce proceedings starts with a listening ear. Our King County divorce lawyers want you to tell them specifically what you would like to see accomplished, and define your end-goals. No one knows the details of your life, and the needs of your family, better than you. Our personal commitment to every divorce client ensures that we value the things, and people, you hold dear.

To achieve success it is necessary to have a solid focus throughout the divorce proceedings, and by working together we are confident that you will receive the personal attention you need. There is never one road that leads to your destination, but by using our knowledge and experience to your benefit we can focus on the priorities and handle any bumps along the way. Our legal team doesn't believe that commitment is a one way street. When you put your trust in us, we make a personal commitment to you and your goals. We will be by your side at every turn, and follow your lead as we guide you toward a resolution.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers will take your case seriously.

Nobody ever makes the decision to get married believing that one day it will end in divorce. While problems arise in every marriage, sometimes there is simply no way to resolve the issues. When the decision to get divorced is made, usually there have already been months or years of building stress. Both parties might be at wit’s end, and any children involved are undoubtedly feeling the same effect.

Our family law attorneys come highly experienced when it comes to handling sensitive King County divorce casesThe divorce process comes at this time when emotions are running at their highest. The added stress can make it even more difficult to cope with the many variables at play. This underscores how challenging a divorce can be, and why the effects are often so devastating for everyone involved. Having Seattle divorce attorneys that you can trust by your side will help to alleviate much of this pressure for everyone involved. Knowing that the most intimate details of your life are being respected will help smooth the transition into what follows after your King County divorce.

Our Seattle divorce lawyers are highly experienced when it comes to handling sensitive King County divorce cases. No matter how your proceedings progress we will make sure your children and you are being protected, and that we are striving to meet your long-term goals.

The transition into your new life involves more than just the legalities of the divorce process. While the divorce process is often rife with conflict and tension, moving forward with the next chapter of your life poses its own set of challenges. Our Seattle divorce attorneys take a personal interest in every case, and believe that caring for a client’s needs is vital to success. In this way we are more than just your lawyer – we are your advisor, your teammate, and your confidant.

Connect with our family law lawyers in Seattle, WA today!

Contact one of our Seattle divorce lawyers if you would like a free case evaluation. Take some time to share your concerns and ask us the questions that are most bothering you. Afterwards, decide if our King County divorce lawyers will best accomplish your goals, and if you feel like they are Seattle attorneys you can trust.

If you are considering divorce or any other family law legal remedy, we encourage you to contact a Seattle family law lawyer from the firm today!If you choose our King County attorneys to represent you, we will work to build a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. We will work to achieve the goals of your divorce through a combination of teamwork and open communication. We will fight to protect your rights and that of your children, and we will be at your side every step of the way.

If you are considering divorce or any other family law legal remedy, we encourage you to contact a Seattle family law lawyer from the firm today!

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